The Bars

The Main Hall housing a giant stage for our live bands together with its sound system & spectacular lights enables you to experience the magnitude which makes The Venue one of London’s biggest nightclubs.

The Main Hall
The Main Hall Ceiling
The Main Hall Dance Floor

Step into The Venue’s new cocktail bar with dark secluded tables & forever changing ceiling & stair lights. A place to relax, have a sultry cocktail made by one of our expert bartenders whilst taking in the view of The Main Hall.

The Balcony Bar
Stairs leading to The Balcony Bar
Bottles at The Balcony Bar

Barbarella has heavily influenced decor from the 1960’s film & has a contemporary, funky feel. Playing old skool 90’s anthems guaranteed to get your freak on!

Dancers at Barbarella's
DJ at Barbarella's

The Star Bar with its funky decor playing rough cuts from indie, alternative & rock past & present is the ideal place to experience a different flavour.

Wall of album art at The Star Bar
The Star Bar
Window into The Star Bar

In the deep depths of the club you will find The Basement Bar. Here you will find the very latest banging chart tunes shaking the foundations of The Venue.

The Basement Bar
DJ at The Basement Bar
Arch at The Basement Bar

Fagans is the perfect warm up to your evening, with it being the first bar as you enter The Venue. An ideal meeting place, with its Irish influenced decor playing the very best of all The Venue’s music genres in one room.

Dance floor at Fagans
Guests at Fagans
Wall lamps at Fagans

The Bee Bar is a great place to have a relaxing drink & hook up with friends. With chandeliers & a grand piano, this elegantly decorated, spacious room is the place to go to chill out.

The Bee Bar lounge
Seated couple at The Bee Bar
Framed mirror at The Bee Bar